Sunday, July 14, 2013

Diamonds and Guns

Friday I lived every girl and guy's dream!!

I started the morning going to Sportsman's Warehouse with my dad to pick up the gun I won.  That's right, I said GUN and WON!!  The night before I went with my husband, brother, dad and several co-workers to the Chattanooga Friends of the NRA banquet.  Every year at the end of the night they draw for a door prize using your ticket.  You must be present to win.  I saw my brother looking at his phone about an hour before the banquet was over.  I think he was ready to go.  I told we that we couldn't leave until the end.  What if they drew our name for the gun...we HAD to be there!!

We low and behold they drew MY name!!!  I was thrilled!!  I had won a Stag Arms AR-15 Style Rifle.

You could not take your gun with you that evening.  You had pick it up at Sportsman's Warehouse and have a background check done.

My dad and I were there shortly after they opened.

I'm really not sure what I am going to do with this gun.  Jeremy (my husband) says we could paint it know I am loving that idea!

A few hours later, my mom and I went to Rone Regency to pick out some jewelry for me to wear during the Ms Wheelchair America pageant.  That's right, the REALLY nice jewelry store on Gunbarrel Road, those of you from Chattanooga know what I am talking about.

I posted on Facebook earlier in the week that I was looking for some pink jewelry to wear for the pageant.  I would be more than happy to model it for anyone willing to let me borrow it.  ;-)

Well, it turns out one of my Facebook friends said that Rone Regency would probably loan me some jewelry to wear.  What?!?!  Really!?!?  Once everything was approved, I made arrangements to meet Rob on Friday.

Talking about feeling like a princess!!!  OOOOMMMMGGGG!!!  Rob was so sweet.  We talked about the two dresses I would be wearing and he thought I would need different jewelry for each.  Who was I to argue with that?    

Rob just kept pulling amazing pieces out and pair things together.  I was trying really hard to remain calm as Rob draped diamonds on my arms, hands, neck, and ears.  Did I mention I felt like a princess??  Or maybe even a movie star....they borrow jewelry for big events.

I also had the honor of meeting Bob, the owner of Rone Regency.  He was just as sweet as Rob.  We were talking about Annabelle and he got a necklace out for me to give her, because every little girl needs jewelry.  How sweet is that?!?!

After trying on multiple pieces, we settled on some truly stunning pieces.  No sneak peaks, y'all will have to wait until pageant time.

Jeremy picked me up after my fabulous experience at Rone Regency.  I'm pretty sure I babbled the entire way home about how much fun I had.  Have I said yet that I felt like a princes???

Thanks so much to Rob, Bob and Rone Regency for allowing me to live on cloud 9!!!

I still can't believe it!!!

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