Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Day BEFORE the Golf Tournament

The weekend of the golf tournament was crazy busy!!  I will relive it as quickly as possible.  

Friday, June 28, 2013

5:30 am Alarm goes off.  I am up and at it.  I have to be at the McDonald's on Ooltewah-Rinngold Road as a Local Celebrity to help raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Day of Change.  Jeremy (my husband) takes me over in the van and drops me off.  He returns home to get his truck and heads to Knoxville to pick the signs and banner up for the golf tournament.  

7:00-10:00 am  I am at the McDonald's with the East Hamilton High School cheerleaders raising money.  We had a great time and were able to help a wonderful cause.  We raised twice as much as that location raised last year.  Woohoo!!  Michael (my brother) came back to pick me up.

10:20 am  We made a quick stop by my mom's for a potty break.  

10:45 am  Pulled in at Dr. Jim Holloway's office to pick up donated prizes for the golf tournament.  A free teeth whiten and toothbrushes and toothpaste for the goodie bags.

11:00 am  Stop by Tanglez 2 Toez to pick up a gift certificate from my hair dresser Tabitha Nabors.

11:15 am  Crossed the street to KG's Hair Salon to pick up 5 donations from Kathy.

11:30 am  Michael dropped me off at home.  Jeremy was back from Knoxville.  We gathered golf tournament items and scurried around the house doing last minute things.  

1:30 pm  Loaded both cats up in their carriers and dropped them off for a much needed hair cut.  

2:15 pm  Checked in at Sam's to pick up extra drinks (I now know I should have gotten Poweraide and snacks), plates, napkins, and plasticware for the tournament. 

2:45 pm  Loading the van and realize there is a screw in the back right tire.  It's low on air.  We really don't have time for this!!  

2:55 pm  Stop for gas and air for the tire.  

3:10 pm  We arrive at Goodyear on Highway 58, one of our hole sponsors.  Steve gets us right in.  There was no getting me out of the van, so I got to ride around back and sit in the bay while the tire ot patched.  

3:30 pm  It's a quick stop by Eagle Bluff to drop all of the goodies off and finalize some of the details.  

4:15 pm  Stop by Amigo's to move the dinner pick up for the tournament to 5:30 on Saturday instead of 6:00.

4:40 pm  Swing by the groomers to pick up the kitties from their day at the spa (hahahahaha!)

4:50 pm  Fill the roo cup up with a much needed coke icee.

5:00 pm  Drop a gun off to a friend because there is always time for that.  ;-)

5:15 pm  Arrive home.  Jeremy is off to the marina to pick up all the donated product out of my office.  He delivers it to the golf course.  

5:30-7:30 pm  Mamaw, Annabelle, and Nanny Glenda come to the house for pizza and goodie bag stuffing.

8:00 pm  Bedtime for Annabelle

8:00-9:00 pm  Making list and continuing to gather items for the golf tournament.  I felt like I was moving out of my house!

9:15 pm  Bath time.....Finally!!!

11:45 pm  I think I finally went to sleep.  

And this was the day BEFORE the big golf tournament!!!


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