Monday, June 10, 2013


I have another confession.  I am not perfect.  I am probably the furthest thing from perfect.  (Please don't tell my husband.)

I have not been doing my social media sharing as Ms Wheelchair Tennessee justice.  I feel like all my post, pictures, and blogs must be perfect before I can share them.   So I find myself just not sharing them.   

Today that stops.  I will post (probably more than you would like) all my activities.  Because that is what I said I would do.  Just realize that they won't all be perfect.  Some may be longer than others.  Some may come with pictures and some may not.  The point is to share.  And I will share....and it will be real.....not perfect.   

So from now on, look for my posts to be more like me....imperfect but enjoyable.  

Thanks for hanging with me.  :-)


  1. I do the same thing about blogging Bliss! Guess what the rest of aren't perfect, and it puts us at ease when you show imperfection. So thanks for doing us that favor, and playing along! Ha! You will fit right in with Debbie and me total perfectionist. Blog girl blog, we love it!

  2. So I'm not perfect and I don't respond to comments very quickly. ;-)