Sunday, June 9, 2013

Picnic Table

I saw this picture on Facebook and fell in love with the ideal of sitting with my family this summer at a picnic table.  

I posted the picture on Facebook on June 2.  I had a lot of people comment on it.  Mike Clementson (he helped build/frame our house) posted that he thought he could make one for me.  I told him I would like my 'hole' to be on the other side of the table because my joystick is on the right side of my chair and that would better for me.  

On June 8, after a full day of adaptive water skiing, I come home to this in my driveway. 

I was so excited!!  In less that a week, Mike built and delivered a picnic table to my house!!  He is such a sweetheart of a guy!!  
Thanks, Mike!!  I look forward to many picnics with my family this summer.  And I will feel like a part of the family on the correct side of the picnic table and not having to hang off the end.  (It's the little things in life that make all the difference.)

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