Sunday, June 8, 2014

GADA Team Training Day Seven

Today was the first day we had off from team training. It is important for us to stay at home and continuing bonding with our dogs.

Jeremy, Annabelle and Murphy all took a shower together this morning. You could tell Murphy wasn't loving the whole shower experience but he was very good to stand still and let Jeremy bathe him. You can't imagine just how furry Murphy is until you try to get all his fur wet and washed. It is a very time consuming task but nothing compared to the drying and brushing process that follows. My little pink hair dryer just isn't enough to get the job done so Murphy and I head outside to bask in the sun for a while.

This evening we had an early Father's Day celebration for my dad. The family came over to swim and grill out. I had Murphy attached to my wheelchair so he could stay focused on me and not everyone else moving about the house.  He did a perfect job and everyone in my family was very good to not excite him.  Murphy impressed everyone with his ability to turn the lights on and open the door for me.  

Murphy once again joined me to read Annabelle her bedtime story.  She likes to drop her baby and have Murphy pick it up and bring it back to her in her crib.  

Tomorrow is back to team training at Goodwill.  We have several more outings planned for the week. I know each day I will feel more comfortable with Murphy.  

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