Monday, June 9, 2014

GADA Team Training Day Eight

Today I brought my friend Josh and my nephew Tommy with me to team training.  They both love and Murphy and wanted to tag along and learn some commands. Breakfast was provided by two lovely volunteers, Candi and Deb. We had Chick-Fil-A biscuits and homemade banana but bread. We all discussed a couple of issues we had with the dogs over the weekend. Barking seemed to be an issue with the dogs, so Ramona started the day off with a lecture on barking.
Tommy and Murphy

Barking is a natural instinct for dogs but with service dogs this can pose a huge problem.  Our dogs are never allowed to bark in public. Any time our dogs bark at home we are to tell them no and then give them the quiet command. It is also a good idea to redirect them into a sit or down position. This helps the dog focus their attention back to us.  Service dogs are suppose to be an unobtrusive helpmate so no barking allowed.
Rich, Barbara and Topper

Me and Murphy

Ramona is such a good teacher!!

Good settle Danny

There are a couple of tests that we will all need to pass later in the week. Ramona assures us that we will all do just fine and not to worry about it. The first test is the service dog practical working exam. This test covers various tasks that we will have to perform with our dog; such as, dress (putting the collar and leash on our dog), dog management (having the dog enter the kennel and having the dog go to bed), and shopping help (having the dog hand money to a cashier). The second test is the assistance dog public access test. This test will evaluate our ability to control our dog in a public setting.
Tommy and Murphy

Our next topic was graduation. It's hard to believe that Friday will be the big day!!  I can't believe it's almost here. I hope you will all join us at Unum on Friday at 5:00 pm. Ramona has planned a very special ceremony for us.

It was time for us to practice some more commands. I think this is everyones favorite part of the day. I am still amazed at how well Danny, Murphy and Topper are able to follow our instructions.
Retrieving items from the drawer

Closing the door

Team Rich

Good settle with some food on the floor near by

Stay with Mommy moves away

Danny settling under a table of food

After our practice round, it was off to Chili's to work with our dogs in a public setting.  Ramona called ahead to warning them that we had 14 people, three in wheelchairs and three service dogs coming for lunch.
The dog car (as Annabelle calls it)

Team Mason


Rich and Topper

Once at Chili's, it took a few minutes for everyone to get settled in their spot. As always, all the dogs did wonderful!!
Rich and Topper

Lunch time

Team Rich


Service dogs are awesome!!

Murphy resting his head on my foot


Good settle

The whole group


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