Thursday, June 12, 2014

GADA Team Training Day Eleven

This morning our breakfast was once again provided by volunteer Deb. She prepared quiche and a hashbrown casserole.  It was so quiet in the classroom because all the dogs were at Groomingdale's getting beautiful for gradation.  We all worked on our written exam while we ate. After turning the exams in, Ramona said we all passed with an A++.

Ramona touched on a few more topics that we still needed to cover. These topics included how to let our service dogs meet and greet other dogs, separation anxiety (which Murphy is already having if I leave him with Jeremy to go to the bathroom), and how to kennel our dogs.

Next we moved along to our oral exam. Ramona asked us situational type questions that we may encounter from other people while out in public. This exam also covered behavioral issues we may encounter while in public with our dogs.  Once again we all passed with an A ++. It's was official, each team passed all the necessary tests for our service dogs. Woohoo!!!

It was time to celebrate. Volunteer DeeDee and her mother Glenda catered in pizza. Glenda also brought a homemade chocolate cake. It's our final team training meal. Sniff sniff. :'-(

After lunch, Ramona covered grooming for dogs. They need to be brushed daily, no more than one bath a week, their nails need to be trimmed once every two weeks, they need to have their teeth brushed, the inside of their ears cleaned, and their hair trimmed occasionally.  We also covered health requirement for our dogs; such as, vet visits, shots, heart worm medicine and flea control.

The call from Groomingdale's finally came and Tim went to pick up our babies. They were as excited to see us as we were them.  Rich and his mother Barbara made bandanas for all the coordinate with our personalities.  After some puppy cuddles, we went outside for some group pictures and then it was home to rest up for graduation.

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