Monday, August 19, 2013

Gun Powder and Lead

Saturday, August 17 was another successful day for the Ms Wheelchair Tennessee organization. Jeremy (my husband) organized and hosted a benefit action pistol gun match to raise funds for the organization. 

There were a total of 81 shooters that arrived at the range Saturday morning. Jeremy had 53 shooters that preregistered so the other 28 were a great bonus!!  One of the shooters stopped by Krispy Kreme on the way in for some coffee and doughnuts.  I will have to talk to them about advertising with my name.  ;-)

It would be a long, fun day of shooting because there were 7 courses of fire. Two of the courses were steel targets. I must admit these are my favorite because when the bullet hits the steel you can hear the ting ting sound all across the range.  Four of the courses were scenario based. Those are always good for getting your adrenalin going because there is always a bad guy involved that you need to neutralize. And last but not least, there was one standard course of fire. 

The range was hot around 9:00 am with all seven stages going in full swing.  Safety is always the first concern at the range.  There are trained safety officers at each stage to insure that all rules are followed.

Josh and I were at Amigo's at Island Cove Marina & Resort around 10:30 am to pick up lunch.  This is the SECOND meal that Amigo's has donated for a Ms Wheelchair Tennessee fund raiser.  I cannot thank them enough for their continued support.  All they asked for in return was to spread their name throughout the community.  And that is something I can do!!  So, if you haven't already, please stop by and enjoy lunch or dinner at Amigo's at Island Cove Marina & Resort and don't forget to tell them that Ms Wheelchair Tennessee sent you!!

By the time we arrived at the range with yummy Amigo's, there were 81 hungry shooters who were glad to see me.  I positioned myself at the end of the food line so I could have a chance to talk to and have my picture made with (almost) everyone.

The overall conscious was that everyone was super excited the range was hosting its first charity action pistol gun match.  How awesome to be apart of the first very successful charity match at that range?!?

After lunch, it was back to the range because there was still a lot of shooting to be done.  I enjoyed speaking with family and friends of the shooters who came out to watch.  Competition shooting is a really fun sport to watch.

As the afternoon drew to an end and everyone was awaiting their final scores, I took the opportunity to share the history of the Ms Wheelchair organization.  I was very impressed with the quick overall silence of such a large group as I began to speak.  I was very excited to share with such a large group my platform and its meaning to me.  This is how changes are made by educating one person, one group at a time.  I am honored to help educate others about living with a disability.

After sharing my story and the history of Ms Wheelchair Tennessee,  it was time to start drawing for the prize table.  And let me tell you, there were a LOT of prizes on that table.  But it didn't stop there, after the prizes, it was time to announce all the winners and hand out their medals.

All and all it was a spectacular day!!  I had the pleasure of meeting some great people that Jeremy speaks very highly of and that were a tremendous help in making Saturday a success.  I want to thank all the volunteers, safety officers, sponsors, shooters, and of course my incredible husband.  He planned and executed a wonderful charity gun match.  I am one lucky girl to have such an awesome supportive husband!!         

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