Friday, August 30, 2013

Food City Race Nights (Part Two)

Thursday, August 22 we took our time getting ready at the hotel in Knoxville.  There were a couple of special shops that I wanted to check out when they opened at 10:00 and then the plan was to meet Jeremy for lunch.

Mom, Brooke, and I strolled over to Market Square.  We made our first stop at the Bliss store....that's right there is a Bliss store in Knoxville.  It is a cute little gift shop with unique little gifts.  When you come in the store, the sales girls always say 'Welcome to Bliss'.  My mom and Brooke, of course, had to tell them that I was Bliss.  Lol!!  I love having such an unusual, pretty name.  We all left will a little something special from the Bliss store.

The next stop was across the plaza into the Bliss Home store.  Two Bliss stores in one know we were in a cool part of town.  Lol!!  This was almost a repeat from the previous store as we were greeted with a 'Welcome to Bliss Home' and again, my mom and Brooke informed the cashier that I was Bliss.  We are so silly, I know.  Jeremy surprised us in the Bliss Home store.  It was lunch time already!

We headed down to Soccer Taco for some yummy Mexican food.  It is very hard for me to EVER pass up Mexican food.  After lunch it was time to hit the road, we had an event in Bristol to make it to!!

One more pit stop along the way to the Reese Group headquarters in Kingsport, Tennessee.  Brooke and I met all the wonderful people my mom works with.  It's always nice to put a name with a smiling face.  Most of the girls in the office even follow my Facebook page.  I  love knowing there are 'fans' all over the state!!

We arrived at Bristol and a Food City volunteer showed us to our table.  This event was much different and larger than the event in Knoxville.  It was outside on State Street.  One side of the street is in Tennessee and the other side of the street is in Virginia, so you can literally be in two states at once!!  The autograph tables where placed at different points along the sidewalk and not all together like in Knoxville.  When we saw our table was all alone on the sidewalk, we pulled the map out to find our friend Chris Lafferty.

Chris and his band instantly welcomed us.  I asked if we could hang out with them and they loved the idea.  We had a great time talking with the band and all the fans.  I even got to test out the most awesome pink guitar.  I always say real men can wear pink, now I need to add that real men can play a pink guitar, too.

I was even asked to do TWO different interviews with a couple of local news channels.  What a great way to spread the word about the Ms Wheelchair Tennessee organization.

As the time for our autograph session came to a close, we stopped by the hospitality room before we hit the road.  Talk about perfect timing!!  I was able to meet one of racings greatest, Rusty Wallace.  I got his autograph and had my picture made with him.

When we thought it couldn't get much better than that, in walked Jeff Gordan!!  I got another autograph and my picture made with an all star driver.  I even told him that we had a mutual friend.  Who would have ever thought I could say that, but it's true!!

Mom, Brooke, and I left on cloud nine.  It was another super successful Ms Wheelchair Tennessee event.  Thanks Food City for letting me be a part of it.  :-)

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