Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You've Got Mail

I have a confession to make.  I LOVE getting mail. I always have.  I remember feeling so important as a child when there was something in our mailbox addressed to me.  It meant that somebody took time out of their busy day to think of ME!!

When I moved out of my dad's house years ago, I was so excited because ALL the mail in the mailbox was going to be MINE!!  I know, pretty cheesy, right?  I quickly learned that not all mail was fun.  The bills and junk mail quickly became my least favorite, but none the less I still loved mail.

I tell you this because the last couple of weeks have been really GREAT in the mail department for me.  I have received THREE awesome things (two weeks ago alone) pertaining to Ms Wheelchair Tennessee.

The first item was a large package from State Representative Gerald McCormick's office.  I thought it was strange because I had already received my resolution in the mail a few weeks ago.  I was thinking it might be a framed picture from my visit to the State House Floor.  I was wrong!!  Gerald had my resolution matted and framed!!!  It looks SOOO  good!!  I was planning on have one of my copies framed to hang in my home office.  And now I don't have to because Gerald took care of it for me!

The second piece of mail was a check from the Wolftever Creek Elementary School PTA.  Christy Penny, PTA President, told me after my school visit the PTA wanted to help with my entry fee/travel expenses to the Ms Wheelchair America Pageant.  I was flattered!!

The third piece of mail was also a check, this time from Esther Hwang.  Esther may be one of the sweetest individuals I have the pleasure of knowing.  She works at the Jain Foundation and is the Director of Patient Relations and Diagnostics.  It's an amazing feeling to know that people completely across the country are willing to help support my journey.

I am beyond blessed and thankful for the support I am receiving.  I can't say THANK YOU enough!!

I've got MAIL and I LOVE it!!  

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