Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Snowhill Elementary School Visit

I had a GREAT time at Snowhill Elementary School on Thursday, April 25, 2013!!!
Can you tell I am at the corner of Bliss Street?

My brother Michael is a first grade teacher at Snowhill.  He really wanted me to come visit with his children.  Michael, aka Mr. Sheets, started talking to his kids about me weeks ago.  He told them all about the Ms Wheelchair Tennessee pageant and that I was going to come for a visit.  

A few weeks before my visit, one of their in class activities was to color a picture and write a letter to me.  Michael, I mean Mr. Sheets, dropped the pictures by my house.  I have looked at these pictures and letters on multiple different occasions.  I just LOVE them!!  I have to share one of my favorites with you.
How cute is that?!?!

I was running a few minutes behind schedule because I had a stop that had to be made before my visit.  Mr. Sheets let one of the children call me to ask where I was at.  They really were excited about seeing me!!
This was on the board for me when I about feeling welcomed!!

Once I arrived, Mr. Sheets introduced me to his 'friends'.  He told them that I am married and have a little girl.  He told them I work and go to school.  And he told them a little about the Ms Wheelchair Tennessee pageant.  After the introduction, Mr. Sheets' 'friends' had a few questions for me.  They were curious about how my wheelchair worked, they wondered if  I was able to drive, and they were interested in the things I can do with Annabelle.

After the first mini Q&A session, it was to the rug for story time.  I read 'Susan Laughs' and 'A Rainbow of Friends'.  My new 'friends' really enjoyed my books.  Mr. Sheets came to sit in the floor next to me.  He read a few pages from 'A Very Special Critter'.  This story is about a rabbit that uses a wheelchair.   Mr. Sheets read it to his class before my visit so they would understand a little bit about someone who uses a wheelchair.

Mr. Sheets and his 'friends' thought 'A Very Special Critter' would be another good book for me to read when I visit other schools.  I was very happy about having another story to share with other children.

We had another brief Q&A session.  One little girl told me about her brother who has
Osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).  I was so happy to share with her that one of the contestants that will be at the Ms Wheelchair America pageant also has Osteogenesis imperfecta.  I will have the pleasure of meeting her this summer in Houston, Texas.

It is such a blessing to visit these children and these schools.  Each visit assures me that changing my platform is the right decision.  Education should start with the children.  They are so opening to learning and are truly interested in how I am able to function.  I honestly believe that educating our youth about individuals with disabilities will result in a more compassionate society.   

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