Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Few Days at the Beach

Last month my family and I headed south for a vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Unfortunately, our it was cut short due to rain and flooding, but we made the best of it while we were there.

We arrived late on a Sunday evening and Annabelle couldn't wait to get her toes in the sand.  She even found some seashells for Mima. 

Monday was absolutely beautiful.  After breakfast, we headed to the beach.  We had snowmen to build...I mean sand castles.....Annabelle has watched Frozen a few too many times the last couple of weeks and got a little confused.  ;-)

This year, I rented a power beach chair and it was fabulous!!  I wanted to be able to enjoy the beach with my daughter.  Annabelle was so excited about playing in the ocean and building sand castles.  She loved riding with me in my 'new beach chair'. 

Once on the beach, I couldn't wait to get out of that chair and play in the sand with my excited child.  Jeremy was able to transfer me to our beach blanket with no problems.  Annabelle squealed with delight as she filled her sand bucket up.  She brought me various sand toys so I could assist her in building project.  I love being on the ground at her level and watching her experience things for the first time. 

It wasn't long before she was ready to check the ocean out with her daddy.  I laid back on the blanket with my toes in the sand as they took off hand in hand. 

Annabelle giggled and shouted as the waves crashed over her.  As I watched my husband and child, I felt tears in my eyes because I wasn't able to be apart of that moment with her.  I couldn't be the strong hand that lifted her up as the waves came crashing in. 

I never let those tears fall because a moment later Annabelle came running to me on that blanket.  She was cold and wanted her mommy to help warm her up.  And of course I was there for her with open arms. 

There will always be things that I am unable to do with Annabelle.  I know that, I realize that, but it isn't always easy as those events unfold. I will always participate in as much as I physically can with Annabelle.  And when things arise that I can't physical participate in, she will always find me on the sidelines cheering her on.    

After several hours of beach fun, it was time for a nap.  We all had a wonderful time playing together on the beach.  Jeremy and I are so glad that Annabelle loves the beach. 

Tuesday was rainy, rainy and Annabelle was not happy about not getting to play in the sand.  It finally cleared up enough for her and Jeremy to take a quick stroll before dinner.  Even though it was misting rain, she still loved it!!

Wednesday was more rain and lots of flooding.  We were suppose to stay until Saturday but the weather was going to be terrible until then.  Annabelle just couldn't understand why we weren't playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean.  A red flag at the ocean means nothing to a two and a half year old. 

We ended up cutting our trip short and returning home late Wednesday night.  Several roads had flooded and we didn't want to risk being stuck.  Annabelle and I were sad to go but are looking forward to our next beach trip in June. 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip......even if it was cut short. That beach chair is awesome! So neat that you can rent one. I know it doesn't help you but Annabelle doesn't know any different as far as you not being able to participate in everything. You'll still participate as much as you're capable and she (or anyone else for that matter) won't think any less of you. It's not like you're not participating b/c you don't want to or are lazy, it's b/c you physically can't. Don't beat yourself up. Enjoy every moment instead of dwelling on the 'can't do's'. But you know that already. :-D