Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Biggest Cheerleader

     Throughout the past year as Ms Wheelchair Tennessee, my mom has been my biggest cheerleader.  She has always encouraged to dream big and shoot for the stars.  I am blessed to have her in my corner.

     As my year comes to a close today, she got me the sweetest Precious Moment.

Who's Going To Fill Your Shoes?

     But it's not the figurine that I will hold dear to my heart.  It is her kinds words that I will take forward with me as I start on my next journey.  

     Below is the heartfelt letter my mom wrote me.  If everyone was blessed to have a mother like mine, this world would be a much better place.

I love you Mom!!!  Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader!!

March 21, 2014
What an amazing year!!!
Seems like yesterday that we all gasp with joy and sobbed tears as you were crowned Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee…..then we watched as the fun began.

I have watched you grow with every public appearance you made.  Even on live TV you remained poised, calm and well spoken.  You have touched SO many lives.  From schoolchildren to newscasters to sports figures to 1,765 friends on FB.  Everyone has enjoyed following the year of Bliss.  You have lit up every room you have entered wearing your crown.  I personally don’t think all the glow came from the crown.

I have also watched proudly as you became an author.  Everyone loves reading your written words.  I certainly hope you continue with that area of expression.

Back in Houston, you won the hearts of all the girls from across the nation.  You made lifelong friends.  You also won the hearts of the judges.  That was truly a blessed event.  One I certainly will never forget.  First runner up Ms. Wheelchair America is something you should be so honored to say!  The competition was stiff but you made your family, friends and the entire state of Tennessee very proud!

Now as you move into your new role you will have the continued opportunity to touch lives with your new job and your new driving abilities.

I could not be more proud of you!  You are an inspiration to all who have been privileged to meet you and a true blessing to all of us who are lucky to love you.
I can’t wait to see what other incredible gifts you will both give and receive.  Maybe a segment on a talk show, maybe a spokesperson for MD or Goodwill or maybe even both.  With your helping hand and your kind heart you will be a joy to the handicapped individuals you will meet and serve with your new job.

No matter what you do, from Saturday moving forward, you have the power to touch many more lives.  I truly believe that is your mission from God and you are making Him very proud, too. 

Hold tight to all the lovely memories you have made this year.  Cherish them.  Hold tight to all the new friends you have added to your life this year.  Cherish them.  Hold tight to all those FB followers you have gathered this year.  Cherish each one of them, too.  We all can’t wait to see what God has in store for you next.  We will all stay tuned and closely follow another year of Bliss…

I know that it will be hard to let go of your title.  It will be hard for all of us.  We have all enjoyed it almost as much as you have.  I want you to know you will have a new title and a new role.  “ADVOCATE”.  You will begin this role with one year of excellent training and knowledge that you have earned thru the experience of being Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee.

You will always wear the crown in our family, always have and always will.

You have worn the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee crown very well.  Be very, very proud of your accomplishments.  But……Who’s gonna fill your shoes!

I love you!   Mom

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