Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Week of Fitting

The week of January 20th I felt like a princess!!


Marino Pedrino from Freedom & Mobility came up from Marietta to assist in the fitting of my electronic hand controls on my new mini van.  

Duane from the Marietta Mobility Works came up to assist with the placement of my electronic hand controls.  

I arrived Monday morning only to realize that it would be another week of hurry up and wait.....but the wait was almost over!!!

It seems this process has not been without it's fair share of issues and that Monday was no different.  I have a bracket underneath my wheelchair that locks into a docking system for my old lift and old van.    It is much easier than having to tie the wheelchair down every time we go somewhere.  

The new van had to have a docking system installed in the floor.  Well guess what?!?  We were unable to order the same docking system for the new van because the company sold out and they are no longer available!!  UGH!!  Oh well, what's one more hurtle when you have come this far?

They needed me out of my wheelchair for the placement of the bracket, so I took it upon myself to lounge on the couch in the waiting room with me feet up (you did read that part about me feeling like a princess, right?).

After the bracket was in place, it was back to my wheelchair and out to the shop.  I needed to get in the van so they could position the docking system and start mounting the hand controls.

And then they were done with me for the day.  But I was happy to go home because Marino bought me a HOMEMADE lasagna to have for dinner (reference the princess comment).  He's such a sweetheart!!
 (That's lots of wires.....
and lots of tools!!)


Marino came to the house to pick me up in the old van and drove me to Mobility Works.  To my surprise, Stacy from the Marietta store to was there to speed the installation process along.  This made me very happy!!

I got in the van to test out the docking system.  It worked, so there was more mounting of equipment to be done.

Marino and I headed out to pick something up for lunch and then came back to hurry up and wait some more.  I got in the van a couple more times to make sure everything was still going okay.

And oh my goodness, I finally got to drive my very own van that afternoon!!  It was just a quick trip out to make sure all the equipment was in the correct position for me.  I drove to my moms and she never even knew I was there.  She missed it!!

Back to Mobility Works and time to go home.  The guys would permanently secure the electronic hand controls and so I could hit the roads the next day.
(Electronic steering wheel)
(Electronic brake and gas lever)


Marino again came to the house to pick me up and off to Mobility Works we went.  As soon as we got there, we were able to take off in my new van!!  We drove from Ooltewah to Harrison and back to East Brainerd.

There was an issue with the ramp coming out of the van, so we left the guys at Mobility Works to it while Marino and I went to lunch.

After our bellies were full, we return to Mobility Works.  This time we had to wait an hour or so before we could go driving again.

This trip out, I hit the interstate and headed downtown.  Those of you that know me, know that I don't  know my way around downtown very well (even though I have lived in Chattanooga my entire life).  I think Marino discovered that as well before we made it back.  ;-)


Marino said I was doing great but he wanted to be sure I could manage long distances.  Knoxville and back seemed like the perfect day trip.  We went to Calhoun's on the River so Marino could check out Neyland Stadium.

It was terribly cold but I had to pose for a picture with the Tennessee River and Neyland Stadium behind me.

I must have done fabulous because once we were back to Mobility Works, Marino let me drive home solo!!

The first time I have been in a car by myself in was AMAZING!!!  Every princess should be able to come and go of her own freewill.  :-)

Thank you Marino!!!  Thank you Mobility Works!!!  Thank you Aevit!!!  I am one HAPPY girl!!!

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