Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nominate Someone Wonderful....

As part of my platform, I want shine a spotlight on people who lead an active life, are a positive example for others, live in the state of Tennessee, and just so happen to use a wheelchair.  It is important to recognize the accomplishments of these individuals as they are not only amazing role models for our youth but for everyone!!

I realize that most people will not nominate themselves.  (My family had to encourage me to be a contestant for the Ms Wheelchair Tennessee pageant and look at me now!!)  So, I need help from you!  If you know someone who fits the description above send me an email, tell me all about them, and attach pictures of your nominee.   I have a questionnaire I can send back to you if you need help, but I'm sure you will have no problems at all telling me just how wonderful your nominee is.  I will also need contact information for your nominee. 

Once I receive the information from you about your amazing nominee, I will reach out to them and send them their very own questionnaire.  I will compile the information I have on each amazing nominee and write a blog post about them.  These blog posts will be shared on all my social media sites.  I also intend to brag about these amazing individual in any future interviews I may do with the news.  

Before the pageant I thought I would just do one nominee a month for a grand total of twelve.  During the pageant I realized if I won that one nominee a month wasn't going to be enough and I should do one a week.  Fifty-two sounded like a much better number than twelve.  But then I thought, what if I have more than one nominee a will I pick??  So, I have decided to try and spotlight everyone that is nominated.  YAY!!

I can't wait for the nominees to start rolling in.  I am excited to shine a spotlight on these individuals.  But I am more excited to see how these individuals are able to touch your life with their story.  

Ready, Set, Nominate!! 

Send nominees to
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

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