Thursday, August 8, 2013

THE ONE Sugar and Spice (Part Five)

Sugar and Spice
(Part Five)

The second trimester brought all kinds of fun with it.  I lost count of how many times I had to pee during the day.  And let me tell you, for someone in a wheelchair, going to the bathroom is its own workout.  Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean your bladder stops working.  There were nights when I would get up FIVE times to go pee.  That's right, FIVE times, in the middle of the night.  That was more of a workout than it was during the day because I had to transfer from the bed to my wheelchair and hurry to the bathroom transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet and back again and then transfer from my wheelchair to the bed.  You can see I wasn't getting much sleep because a round trip to the bathroom took about 25 minutes.

Each week that passed was such a relief to Jeremy and me.  It meant we were one week closer to a health little baby.  We both wanted to know the sex of the baby as soon as possible.  I had decorating to do and clothes to buy and Jeremy had a nursery to paint.  At my almost 15 week check up (May 5, 2011), our fabulous ultrasound tech did her best to discover the sex of the baby.  It's a good thing she was so patient because our little miracle was not making her job easy.  I'm not sure I would have gotten off the table until we knew the sex, so it's a good thing our LITTLE GIRL finally starting cooperating.

A little girl....I could hardly wait.  Ribbons and bows and all shades of pink.  Jeremy was pulling for a boy but I knew a little girl could win him over in a heartbeat.  And she did.  The instant our ultrasound tech said 'It's a girl' Jeremy broke out in a smile.

I'm not sure if it was because we finally thought things were going to be okay with this pregnancy or if it was because we were so excited about having a little girl but it was time for the world to know.  We didn't know her name but we knew this baby girl had a lot of love and support from all of our family and friends.  Everyone was beyond thrilled for us and it was fun to be able to tell everyone we were pregnant and it was a girl all at once!

I was still required to see the high risk doctors.  Each visit we would meet with a different doctor so there was more than one set of eyes making sure everything would be okay.  That had it's pros and cons.  Each doctor shared their on view of how the pregnancy would go.  Some thought I should be induced early, others thought I should go full term.  One was worried about blood clots after I delivered, another thought bed rest would not be needed.

It seemed that each high risk appointment left me in tears.  The May 27, 2011 check up at 18 weeks was no different.  I'm not sure if part of it was going back to the place I was told I miscarried or if it was because we were never given tons of information.  I would hurry home to look on the internet about what they told me.  I always wanted to full story.  And of course the 'full story' online always turns into the worst case scenario.  Jeremy was threaten to cut the internet off at the house.

Even though I was considered a high risk pregnancy, I still tried to live my life as normal as possible. Women have babies everyday, just because I was in a wheelchair didn't mean I should be any different.  I finished my spring semester at UTC and decided to take the summer and fall off.  I wanted to enjoy every bit of being pregnant and having a new baby.  I still worked but it was more on a part time scale (even though it was a full time job).  

Jeremy and I were halfway through the pregnancy on June 16, 2011.  We had a 20 week 6 day check up with Dr. Adams and we were delighted to get a sneak peak at our little girl in 4D.  Dr. Adams assured us that everything looked wonderful.  We left the doctor as happy as could be will a new picture to show off.
(Not so much alien looking anymore)
A few days before Jeremy's birthday (July 28, 2011) we went in for our 4D ultrasound at 26 weeks 6 days.  Our little girl wasn't doing her best at posing for the camera.  After a few minutes, I told Jeremy and the ultrasound tech that I wasn't sure if she was mine.  I LOVE to have my picture taken.  About that time, our little princess poked her lip out and then covered her face.  I swear she had to have heard me.  I hurt her feelings and she was sad.  :-(