Thursday, August 1, 2013

THE ONE Baby Talk (Part Two)

The One 

Baby Talk

(Part Two)

 Single people often ask married couples the question. You know the one. "How did you know?" 

 If you have never been asked that question you may respond with, "How did I know what?".

 "How did you know he(she)was the one?" 

 I am guilty of giving the generic answer of, "You just know".  

     Over the next couple of days, I want to expand on my answer of, "You just know" by sharing my love story with you.  

    I try to always tell him how much I love him and what he means to me.  I'm sure I don't always do the best job of that.  Hopefully, reliving our love story will show him (and you) just exactly how much I love him and how much he means to me.

Without all the speculation and accusations, I don't know that we would have ever discovered our true connection. I love to let my mind wonder to the past, because it allows the bigger picture to become so clear.  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Jeremy and I were engaged in November of 2004 and married on April 16, 2005. We were so happy and in love that we could hardly wait to start our lives together.

When Jeremy looked into my eyes shortly after 4:30 pm on Saturday, April 16, 2005 and recited his vows,  I knew he meant them and would keep them forever.

Your wedding vows are some of the most important words you will ever utter aloud. Each line has great significance to your life as husband and wife.

Of course, 'In sickness and health' really hit home for me because I was already 'sick' so to speak. Jeremy was well aware of that fact and vowed to love, honor, and cherish me anyway.

 My muscles would continue to weaken, as our martial life would continue to strengthen. We were never sure exactly what God would bring our way but we knew together we could handle it.

The first few years of our marriage were so carefree. We traveled the country and discovered more and more about each other. I longed to know every last thought in Jeremy's head. (I realize this drives him crazy, but I can't help it.)

Jeremy and I knew from the beginning that we did not want to have children. I think I had convinced myself that having Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and a family would not be possible. Deep down I think Jeremy may have wanted children but was willing to sacrifice having children for a life with me.

A couple of years into our marriage, I changed my mind. I knew I wanted a baby. I wasn't 100% sure how we would make it work but I knew we had to try.

Just because I had a change of heart about having children that didn't mean Jeremy had a change of heart too. We had countless conversations over the next several years. They weren't all pretty and most of them ended with me in tears.

Jeremy's main concern was me and my health and of course that was the least of my concerns. I wanted a baby and I wanted to be the woman to carry our baby. After consulting with all of my doctors and physical therapists, Jeremy was finally starting to come around to the idea of us starting a family.

I knew there was a strong possibility that I would lose strength due to a pregnancy and weight loss would be an issue after giving birth. I was okay with both of those possible issues. I knew that I would lose strength eventually anyway due to the progressive nature of LGMD2B and lowered mobility generally leads to weight gain. So my thoughts were if I was going to be weak and chunky one day anyway, why shouldn't I get a baby out of it?


  1. I am already in tears. Thanks for your transparency and sharing your story!

  2. oh its good.. It just hit home a lot. You rock gal!