Thursday, August 15, 2013

THE ONE And It Comes Down to the Letter C (Part Eight)

On Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at around 8:10 am, Jeremy and I were told that it was time to have a baby.

What!?!?!  We still had three weeks to go.  We had only just gotten her nursery put together in our room over the weekend.  How was it time already!?!

The doctor told us that the normal range for amniotic fluid is between 11-14 and mine was at 2.  Everything looked okay with the baby it was just time for her to come out.  From the ultrasound measurements, our little girl was guesstimated to be 5 lbs 5 oz.  They went ahead and hooked me up to the monitors for another NST while we waited on Dr. Adams to call back with further instructions.

Jeremy and I were a bundle of nerves and excitement all rolled into one.  The last thing we expected to hear was we were going to have a baby...TODAY!!

The nurse came by to let us know everything on the NST looked good and that Dr. Adams called.  He said we could go home and pack a bag but then we needed to head to the hospital.  OMG!!!  This was really happening.  WOW!!

Our original due date was October 28, 2011.  I wanted to have fresh hair and nails for the big day so I scheduled these appointments during the first week in October in case Baby Princess came early.  My hair appointment was scheduled for the next day.  No fresh hair for me.  :-(  I know y'all are thinking, 'Really?!?!  She is worried about her hair and nails?'  I love pictures and wanted to look decent because we would be looking at these pictures for years to come.

Jeremy and I left the doctors appointment in a daze.  We called our parents on the way home to let them know.  My mom was headed out of town for business.  I have no doubt she made the biggest u-turn in the middle of the road to come back home.

As we got home and scurried around the house, we didn't know what we were doing or what to pack.  Luckily I had packed the diaper bag over the weekend, so the one person that wasn't even here yet was packed and all ready to go.  Before we left, I got up from my wheelchair to have one final pregnancy picture made.

Jeremy and I talked about the next time we came home we would be a family of three and that this would be the last time we would leave the house as just a married couple with no children.  It's funny to think of the things we talked about on the ride to the hospital.

As we pulled into the parking lot of Parkridge East Hospital at 11:00 am on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 we knew a brand new chapter of our life was about to begin.  Ready or not here comes the Baby Princess.  :-)

We were quickly checked in and taken to our birthing room.  Dr. Adams stopped by on his lunch break to get things started.  The plan was always for me to try and have the baby vaginally first before having a c-section.    For some crazy reason, I always thought that if you were being induced, the baby came quickly.  So in my mind, by the time General Hospital came on (at 3:00 pm), me and Baby Princess would be ready to enjoy our first episode of General Hospital together.  Bahahaha!!

The nurse told us that it took about 12 hours for the IV bag of meds to empty and normally it took 3 to 4 bags before the pushing began.  What!?!?  So, much for having a baby today.  That was okay because we weren't crazy about a trucker birthday.  ;-)  (10-4)

I had my 'last meal' around 11:30 am and it was hospital much for something good.  My family was in and out all day.  They were so excited and a little nervous too....okay a lot nervous.  I brought work with me to the hospital to keep me busy....yes that's right I said work.  I literally worked up until the day I gave birth.  (That should be deserving of a bonus or something!)

Things were getting no where fast.  The afternoon turned to evening and the evening to the middle of the night.  Jeremy and I tried to get as much rest as possible but that's easier said than done in a hospital.    Dr. Adams came by to check on me during morning rounds.  I will still only about 2 centimeters dilated.   He broke my water in the hopes of speeding things along.

Dr. Adams was back again at lunch time and there wasn't much change.  I wasn't have any pain from the contracts but I thought I was going to die every time they would check to see how far along I was.

I went ahead with an epidural that afternoon.  Jeremy was so sweet.  He sat me up on the side of the bed and held me.  He whispered in my ear that everything was going to be okay.  He told me how good I was doing.  I know Jeremy loves me but in moments like that I realize just how truly blessed I am to spend my live with him.  He is such an amazing man.

We had some pretty scary moments after I got my epidural.  My blood pressure started to crash.  The nurses had to get the anesthesiologist to come back in.  I don't remember what all they did but in no time I started feeling better.

Dr. Adams came back that evening.  By then I was at a whopping 2 1/2 centimeters.  It was time for a c-section.  He had another c-section to preform at a different hospital so he said he would be back around 8:00 pm.

I tried really hard to be brave with a room full of people who were so excited but I didn't last long.  I was horrified.  I was about to have surgery to have my baby removed from me.  I didn't watch any birthing videos while I was pregnant because I didn't want to be freaked out.  Now I was wishing I had watched a c-section video, at least I would have known what to expect.  The unknown bothers me.  I like facts and details.  Lots of details.  And I had none.

The nurses cleared the room and it was just me and Jeremy and my mom.  They were both trying to reassure me that everything was going to be okay.  Who were they kidding?!?  I could see the fear in their eyes.  They were no more ready for this than I was.

We still had a couple of hours to wait.  My mom asked if I wanted her to wash my hair.  (Do remember I needed my roots done.)  Clean hair would have looked so much better for all the pictures but I didn't know how we would manage washing my hair from the bed so I told her no.  Big mistake!!  My hair was in desperate need of an oil change.  Valvoline could have seen me coming for miles.      

The nurses were in and out making sure my IV was good and making sure everything was ready to go. Jeremy and my mom were all dressed up in their blue scrubs.

Dr. Adams was back and it was time.  They rolled me away to the operating room alone.  Jeremy and my mom would be along in a few minutes.  I was still scared but all I could think about was how cold I was.  (I am sitting here shivering as I type this now just thinking about it.)  I guess it was the medicine and the cold sterile operating room.  At least it was a distraction for me.  I didn't want to think about all the things that could go wrong.  Our baby could still be too small.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  I remembering thinking....'Is this really how it's suppose to be?'  I felt numb.

Jeremy and my mom were still a ball full of nervous and a little emotional.  They had a pep talk before coming to the operating room.  Jeremy told my mom that they had to be strong for me.  He told her she needed to put her game face on.  Through tears, my mom said, 'I don't have a very good game face.'

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